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Made of solid Teak hardwood, machine cut and finished to perfection, Inwiniti V-POD is a perfect centerpiece on the table or on a wall used in any way you can imagine. Store wine, use it as a planter, or candle stand. It’s just a beautiful addition and leaves the rest to your imagination. Use it multiple spaces.

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Product Description


Inwiniti Vlock Modular Multi-function display. The unique patent design and mechanism of Vlock system allows you to create designer walls and spaces; and use one product in multiple use.

Removes the need to create rigid structures. Material ships in collapsed panels lowering cost of delivery and installs on at location to its design form.


  1. Table top, independently, in single or multiple columns using inplates extensions.
  2. Floor / Wall Mount


  • Material: Teak Hardwood
  • Swatches: Natural and Medium Stain select.
  • Load Per Cube: 2000 grams.
  • Crafting: Machine cut precision.
  • Type: Male and Female panels
  • Design: Cross lighting cut, bottom groove and raised top for modular vertical extensions.
  • Patent App 201711001223.

Intellectual Property Disclaimer: Vlock System is an IP with under patent. Violation of copyright infringement will be pursued in court of law to cover punitive and criminal damages where found.

Warranty: 5 YEARS

Product Features

Vlock System is used for architectual display and storage for

  1. Wine bottles (horizontal and vertical)
  2. Lighted liquor bottles (backbars)
  3. Retail showpiece, racks for multi storage of goods
  4. Candle Stands in Architectural manner for outdoors and indoors
  5. Gardening and planters.
  6. On center table as fruit bowl or napkin stand
  7. Dispenser for straws and flatware.
  8. Document storage solutions as letters, cheques and sorting inside homes, banks and offices.
  9. Showroom item display as ties, perfumes, jewelery.

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