What is Inwiniti made of?

Inwiniti is made only from solid seasoned and treated Teak hardwood, full grained. There is no MDF, or ply or boards used to manufacture Inwiniti.

Where is Inwiniti manufactured?

We have selected to make Inwiniti in India due to world class Teak Wood availability and long tradition of artisnal operations. Indian region is considered to grow the largest and finest teaks in the world allowing us to provide world class product at affordable rates globally and originally.

Where is the product sold from?

While our manufacturing is in India, the trade office of Inwiniti is at Singapore under Hilknightly Barsmithe Pte Ltd. This is the region of sales to the entire world and to India. All orders outside of India are placed in Singapore while Indian orders will be handled directly from India.

I am buying from India, will there be additional import duty over the USD Price?

No. Once you have paid the USD price, the order will be placed in India to ship to your location. There will be no additional custom duty, however you will have to pay additional sales tax as applicable that will be billed separately from India prior to each shipment.

What is the mode of payment?

We currently use Paypal and credit card for the readymade PODs. The custom wall units are quoted offline and paid into the bank by SWIFT transfer in advance to place your order.

I want to become a reseller, do you sell via dealer?

We are open to dealership inquiries from all over the world, to become a dealer contact us at officedesk@mbh.org.

Any Question ?

If you have any further questions about your project, procurement, your existing order or clarifications, please contact us at factory +91 11 41550060 or email info@inwiniti.com

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